l Industrial Design l
Desires for a design culture that enriches our lives through our environment are ever
increasing as the world interconnects electronically. Even though such demands
for quality designs are generated from immediately available international sources,
the roll of the local industrial designer is very complex under such conditions.
Firstly they must never forget that quality is a key component to competitiveness and
the survivability of the local industries in the global marketplace. Moreover, a successful
competitive edge allows indigenous design forms to be expressed in the global arena,
thus establishing a country's particular and sometime unique design styles.
Following this context, the Dept. of Industrial Design facilitates the students in achieving
a high standard increative design by thoroughly studying both industrial design theories
and practices in the fields of: product design, transportation design, interior design, etc.
On going research efforts of our staff and professional associations with our alumni,
combine to provide a supportive network that trains individual designers to investigate their
boundless potential while pursuing careers as Industrial Designers.



l Curriculum l

Design Technical Drawing
Concept of Design
Form and Structure
Form and Function
Computer Aided Drafiting(CAD)
Digitial Drawing
Digitial Modering
3-Dimentional Practices
Theory of Industrial Design
Theory of Industrial Design

Industrial Design Process
Green Design
2-Dimentional Computer Aided Industrial Design
Idea Visual Techniques
Color Planning
Material and Structure
Industrial Design Program
Universal Design
3D Modering
Desing Presentation Techniques
Desing Graphics
Production and Process


Design for Living Equipment
Design for Environmental Product
Design for Industrial Equipment
3D Product Modering
Digitial Contents
Human Factors
Environment Design
Design for Information Equipment
Design for Leisure Sports
Interface Design
Theory of Design Meothod

Transportation Design 1,2
Product System Design 1,2
Environmental System Design 1,2
VR Product Design
Theory of Design Business
Product Graphics


l Faculty l

Kim, Chul-Soo (Professor, Industrial & Environmental Design)

B.F.A. & M.F.A., Seoul National University
Prize of the President. The 5th Korea Industrial Design Exhibition, Jury & Professional Designer,
Korea Industrial Design Exhibition
Dean, College of Arts, Kookmin Univ.
Board Member, lDAS
Member of Industrial Design Committee,
Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy
Tel: +82-2-910-4601/ E-mail: chuls@kookmin.ac.kr

Park Jong-suh (Professor, Transportation Design)

B.A. Department of Applied Art, Seoul National University;
M.A. Department of Industrial Design,Graduate School, Seoul National University;
Ph.D. in science of design, Dongseo UniversityAwards & Honors:
presidential award and recommended artist's award at Industrial Design
Exhibition in Korea; The Order of Service merit, Yellow Stripes
Professional Activities: Chairman of Korea Association of Industrial Design
Tel: +82-2-910-4602/ parkjs@kookmin.ac.kr

Kim, Kwan-Bae (Associate Professor, Product Design)

B.FA. & M.F.A., Seoul National University
Assistant professor, University of Ulsan
Associate professor, Dongduk Women's University
Member of Korea Association of Industrial Designers
Member of Korea Society of Design Science
Tel: +82-2-910-4604/ E-mail: kbkim@kookmin.ac.kr

Jang, Jung-Sik (Visiting Full Time Instructo, Computer Aided Design, Product Design)

B.F.A. Kookmin University
M.F.A Kookmin University
Doctor of Design, Dept of Interaction Design Graduate School of Techno Design
Alias Instructor Certification Level 2 Design
Advisor of Internet Service, Kusshand co., Ltd
Chief Designer, Nipponet co., Ltd (Japan)
Member of Design Research Society (UK)
Member of Korea Association of Industrial Designers
Member of Korea Society of Design Science
Member of Korean Society of Basic Design & Art
Member of Korean Institute of Interior Design
Tel + 82-2-910-4603 / E-mail : kmja