l Interior Design l
The pursuit of a better quality of life is an endeavor that most humans undertake and
attempt to realize in their lifetime. Each person has his or her own standard and unique
version of that dream. However in a broad sweeping generalization, for most people
it usually equates to a strong and comfortable shelter, clean drinkable water, enough food
to maintain good health, and the love and happiness of companionship. What all these elements share beyond ourselves are the spaces we occupy, and the forecasts are
that those spaces will be increasingly adorned with technology and designed to maximize comfort and efficiency.
Department of Interior Design at Kookmin University realizes the challenges that our living
spaces will face in the next millenium and has created an education format that
prepares the students for the possibilities of the future. One such method is to segregate
various design elements that permeate our living spaces and focus on each elements.
For example, Interior elements may focus on colors, materials and textures, electronics,
and lighting, while architectural elements would focus on commercial, recreational,
and cultural spaces. The end of result prepares future professionals capable of solving
design situation. in any given circumstance with clarity, understanding, and expertise.

l Curriculum l


Basic Dimentional Practice
Basic Technical Drawing & Expression 1,2
Introduction of Interior Design 1,2
Space Dimentional Practice

Basic Interior Design 1,2
History of Interior Design
Computer Aid Design 1,2
Rendering & Color Practice 1,2
History of Korean Interior Design
Theory of Interior Space
Photographic Practice

Interior Design 1,2
Interior Element Design 1,2
Interior Design Studio 1,2
Materials & Structure
Equipment & Architectural Code
History of Contemporary Design
Working Drawing
Construction & Estimation
Theory of Plastic Art

Practice of Interior Design 1,2
Interior Design. 3,4
Interior Element Design 3.4
Interior Design Seminar
Display Design
Exhibition & Event Design
Interior Design Marketing


l Faculty l

Hur, Bum-Pal (Professor, Architecture, Interior Design)

B.F.A., Hong lk University
M.F.A., Hong Ik University
Ph.D., Hong Ik University
Korean Institute of Interior Design Director
Tel: +82-2-910-4775 / hur@kookmin.ac.kr


Lee, Chan (Assistant Professor, Interior Design, Environmental Design)

B.F.A., Seoul National University
M.F.A., Instituto Europeo di Design, Dep. Architectural Interior Design
Doploma, Lombardia
Designer, Rodolfo Dordoni Architetto
Tel: +82-2-910-4281 / E-mail: lc@kookmin.ac.kr

Yoon, Jae-Eun (Assistant Professor, Interior Design)

B.F.A., Hong Ik University
Pratt Institute, Master of Scicnce in Interior Design, New York, U.S.A
Denmark International Design School, University of
Copenhagen, Architecture & Design Program(Scholarship Award)
Ph.D., Hong Ik University
Tel: +82-2-910-4282 / dreamask@kookmin.ac.kr
Choei, Kung-Ran (Assistant Professor, Interior Design)

B.F.A., Seoul National University
M.F.A, Seoul National University
M.F.A, University of California, Los Angeles(U.C,L.A).
Industrial Design Ph. D in Design, Candidate, lIT, Institute of Design,
Human Centered Design
Tel: +82-2-910-4283 / ran@kookmin.ac.kr