l Metalwork and Jewelry Design l
Craft art plays a pivotal role in improving design culture, as weIl as personal imagination
and the ability of expression are the most important assets for the future design.
As a medium of artistic expression as well as a branch of design, craft is especially emphasized in modern society, because it harmonizes the human spirit with the
material environment. The major of metalcraft in our school has been producing
professional crafts people & designers for the last 20 years. Graduates have found
careers as: Metalsmiths, jewelry artists, metal sculptors, precious metal & gem designers, enamelists, product designers, utensil designers, furniture designers, interior & display designers, gallery & shop owners, curators, craft educators, and professors.
The Department of Metalwork and jewelry at Kookmin University plays a crucial role in developing future professionals for one of the most active Metalcraft communities in the world. Our Alumni has continually challenged the boundaries of craft by evolving the traditionally accept norms of display, form, function, material, and techniques, into inspiring modern
works that appear in galleries all around the world.

l Curriculum l


Art Theory グ
Art Theory ケ
Appreciation of Metal Craft ケ
Green Design
Appreciation of Metal Craft グ
Computer Aided Expression
Formative Art

Photography グ
History of Metal Craft グ
Form & Structure グ
Basic Metal Craft グ
Jewelry Making
Meterial & Technique グ
Photography ケ
History of Metal Craft ケ
Form & Structure ケ
Meterial & Technique ケ
Basic Metal Craft ケ
Graphic Design

Oriental Art History
Theory of Metal Craft グ
Glass Making グ
Product Design グ
Jewelry Design グ
Art Jewelry グ
Art & Craft グ
Contemporary Art Theory
Theory of Metal Craft ケ
Glass Making ケ
Product Design ケ
Jewelry Design ケ
Art Jewelry ケ
Art & Craft ケ

Craft Management
Glass Forming グ
Industrial Metal Work
Jewelry Design ゲ
Art Jewelry ゲ
Art & Craft ゲ
Craft Seminar
Glass Forming ケ
Jewelry Design コ
Art Jewelry コ
Art & Craft コ


l Faculty l

Kim, Seung-Hee(Professor, Metalwork, Jewelry)

B.F.A., College of Fine Art, Seoul National University
M.F.A., Graduate School of Indiana University, U.S.A.
8 Times Solo Exhibition
Jury, National Craft Exhibition
Dong-A Craft Association
Awarded 1995 Seok-ju Fine Art Award
Tel: +82-2-910-4623 / E-mail: sng@kookmin.ac.kr


Gum, Nuri(Professor, Sculpture)

B.F.A., Hong-Ik University
M.F.A., Hong-lk University
1979-1981 Dept. of Volume at Ecole National
Superieure des Arts Appliques et des Metiers d' Art de
Paris en qualite de stagiaire, plasticien volume
metal, Participated Exhibitions more than 150 times
including 6 times Solo Exhibitions
Tel: +82-2-910-4624 / E-mail: gumnuri@kookmin.ac.kr

Jeon, Yong-Il(Professor, Metalwork, Jewelry)

B.F.A., M.F.A., Seoul National University
M.F.A., Miami University. U.S.A
Participated many National & International Exhibitions
Exchange lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
rei: +82-2-910-4626 / E-mail: jeon@kookmin.ac.kr
Chung, Yong-Jin(Full TIme Lecturer, Metalwork, Jewelry)

B.F.A,. Kookmin University. Seoul, Korea
M.F.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A
GG, JD, GIA/Gemomlogical Institute of America, U.S.A.
Participated many Domestic & International Exhibitions
including 2 times solo Exhibitions
Committee, Korea Jewelry Design Association
President, Society of Chohyung Metalsmiths
rei: +82-2-910-4627 / E-mail: jin@kookmin.ac.kr
LEE, Dongchun(Full TIme Lecturer, Metalwork, Jewelry)

B.F.A. Kookmin University, Seoul Korea
Diplom Hochschule fuer Gestaltung/Fachhochschule Pforzheim,
jewelry, hollow and flatware, Pforzheim Germany
Participated many Domestic & International Exhibitions
including 2 times solo Exhibitions
rei: +82-2-910-4644 / E-mail: jewelee@kookmin.ac.kr